Cosmetic Dentistry


At woodhill we are able to offer a range of treatments helping you achieve a great smile.

We can lighten and brighten your teeth with tooth whitening. This is a safe, effective treatment with great results. It is one of the simplest ways to improve the way your smile looks and feels. Everyone is welcome to attend a FREE whitening consultation to chech suitability and discuss the best whitening treatment for you.

If whitening is not an option and you are concerned about missing, discoloured,
or misshapen teeth veneers, crowns and bridges may be an option.

We can use your teeth as a foundation to replace missing teeth and reshape or change the colour of existing teeth. There are several materials availale and each patient is individual. You must attend a consulations to allow your dentist to radiograph and meaure your mouth accurately to check suitability and the best type of treatment.

All treatments are provided to a very high standard and you will be involved in the decision making process at all times. If you have any queries call to make an appointment or ask a member of staff for more information.