Lip Fillers

Woodhill Lip Fillers

Lip treatments are not just about plumping the lips. Treatments can  enhance your natural shape by adding volume to thin lips, defining the lip line, reducing 'smokers lines' and rebalance size difference between the upper and lower lip.

In combination with wrinkle reduction injections the mouth area can be completely rejuvenated. The upper lip line can be dropped to reduce a 'gummy smile'  and lines can be relaxed between the chin and lip. 

We create a natural lip in balance with your own facial features. 

As with other facial treatments a naturally occurring hyaluronic gel is used.  This is a non permanent gel which is gently injected into the lip.  The lip is numbed before treatment so no pain is felt.  Unlike most practitioners we use a blunt cannula for injection rather than needles so pain, bruising and swelling are minimal. 

Treatments are carried out in the safe environment of our dental surgery using sterile techniques and extensively researched award winning products.

Treatment usually takes 45 minutes and in general return to work and normal activity is possible the same day. 

To find out more make an appointment for a free consultation where we can carefully decide the best treatment for you and discuss the pros and cons of each treatment.